As reported in the Jan. 4 Weekly Update, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has developed a series of 11 podcasts addressing compliance training topics.  The videos posted last week and this week address the development and implementation of a compliance program.

In “Compliance Program Basics,” OIG staff highlights their Compliance Program Guidance (CPGs) resources.  CPGs are available for a number of different types of providers, including hospitals as well as individual and small group practices.  The Basics podcast goes on to describe the seven basic elements fundamental to a compliance program.    

“Tips for Implementing an Effective Compliance Program” builds on the concepts learned in the Basics podcast.  The Implementing podcast describes six steps to take in order to implement an effective compliance program.  It notes the importance of conducting regular audits and identifies a couple of common health care risk areas including coding, contracts and quality of care. 

The OIG training podcasts are available in audio only and video format on the OIG website.  A transcript of each podcast is also available.