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In 2018, the AASM hired ECG Management Consultants, an independent and neutral third party to conduct a salary and compensation survey of sleep medicine physicians and advanced providers. The online survey collected and reported market compensation and production benchmarks for sleep medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, with detailed information on practice characteristics, provider demographics, clinical activities, income levels, and clinical productivity. This survey data has been made available as a members-only benefit, accompanied by a foreword by AASM president Douglas Kirsch, MD.

Members can access the 2018 AASM Physician & Advanced Practice Provider Compensation Survey Report in here.

Keep your diagnostic skills sharp with quick, interactive case studies from the Case Book of Sleep Medicine Second Edition, released monthly. In each case study, you will review the patient’s medical record, differential diagnosis and test results. When you are finished with your review, select the final diagnosis button to test your skills.

Members can access the Case Study of the Month here.

Free to AASM members, MOC self-assessment exams worth up to 26 points/credits. Other opportunities for MOC and CME can be earned by attending events and purchasing discounted sleep society resources.

Members can find the Self-Assessment Exams in the AASM Store.

This e-book is designed to give readers quick access to the current clinical practice recommendations published by the AASM. Each Guideline at-a-Glance includes the complete list of recommendations found in the current AASM Practice Parameter or Clinical Practice Guideline.

Members can find the free Guidelines-at-a-Glance e-book in the AASM Store.

Get free online access to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and the journal SLEEP, two leading peer-reviewed journals in the field.

Go to the journals landing page.

The AASM Mentor Program is designed to connect aspiring professionals (mentees) of the AASM with more experienced professionals (mentors) in the sleep medicine field. The goal of the program is to generate a meaningful relationship for mentors to provide direction and instruction to assist mentees in their personal and career growth through professional development, knowledge and skill transfer, networking, and guidance.

Learn more about the Mentor Program here.

This guide is a sleep resource, combining information about diagnostic and procedural codes, payment and relative value unit (RVU) information for sleep and E/M codes, and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Members can find the sleep Reference Guide in the AASM Store.

Free to AASM members, Growing list of On-Demand Webinars worth up to 4.5 CME/CEC.

Follow the recognition and advancements of your peers in this quarterly publication featuring member-submitted content.

Learn more about Montage here.

The AASM online membership directory provides up-to-date contact information for members of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The membership directory is a members-only benefit and networking tool that allows you to find other members by geographic and professional filters, as well as links to social media accounts.

Members can learn more about the Membership Directory here.

The definitive reference for the evaluation of polysomnography (PSG) and home sleep apnea testing (HSAT), this comprehensive resource provides rules for scoring sleep stages, arousals, respiratory events during sleep, movements during sleep and cardiac events.

You can access your online subscription to the AASM Scoring Manual by in logging in and navigating to “My Learning” in your AASM account.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), in collaboration with the American Thoracic Scociety presents a 8-part webinar series on the implemenation of quality measures. Recognized leaders in the field discuss the benefits, challenges and practical application for developing a quality measures program. Describe how implementing quality measures in the field of sleep medicine can lead to improvements in patient care. Recognize the benefits, challenges and practical applications for developing a quality measures program. Learn how to apply practical tools to help measure and document the quality of care you provide to patients with sleep disorders.

Members can find the Welcome to Sleep Medicine Webinar Series in the AASM Store.

Sleep team Assemblies provide non-physician sleep team partners with an atmosphere to network with and learn from individuals from a similar professional background. Within the AASM online community, participants can partake in online discussions, send private messages to others, search the directory of community members to connect with others, and help shape content within the AASM for the constituents of the Assembly.

Learn more about how you can participate.

#SleepTechnology is an online resource that will familiarize AASM members with new and popular sleep devices and apps. The listings provide concise, at-a-glance summaries of both the capabilities and limitations of this technology.

Learn more about #SleepTechnology.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) presents a 7-part webinar series on trending topics for those new to sleep medicine. Leaders in the field discuss a wide range of topics from the basics of sleep physiology, to devices used to treat sleep disorders, to the role of sleep disorders in a defense for certain criminal behaviors.

Members can find the Welcome to Sleep Medicine Webinar Series in the AASM Store.

This session will review common side effects of Positive Airway Pressure (PAP therapy) and options to address these side effects through changes to PAP machine settings or other interventions.

Members can find the PAP Therapy Troubleshooting recording in the AASM Store.