Can I join online?
To apply online, create a new account or login to your existing account. Go to “My Account’, click on the “Organizations” tab and proceed with steps to apply for facility membership. If you are not yet accredited, you may also begin the process to apply for a new accreditation.

Can any sleep disorders facility for sleep related breathing disorders become a member of the AASM?
No. Only sleep disorders facilities that are accredited by the AASM are invited to become members of the sleep medical professional network.

Our facility is accredited by the AASM. Why is there no listing for our practice in the directory of accredited sleep facilities on the AASM’s website?
The searchable directory of sleep facilities that appears on the AASM’s websites contains contact information for accredited sleep facilities that choose to become member facilities of the AASM. The directory is only one of the many benefits of becoming an accredited AASM sleep medical professional network facility member.

How soon after becoming a member will our listing appear in the directory of sleep facilities on the AASM’s websites?
Once we have received your application it will take up to a week for your listing to appear in the online directory.

Are accredited facilities allowed to use the AASM logo in promotional materials?
An AASM member logo is available for use only by fully accredited facilities that also become member facilities. An AASM sleep medical professional network facility member that is provisionally accredited may not use the logo until they have reached full accreditation.

Are there any restrictions on how an accredited member facility uses the AASM logo?
Yes. Please review the AASM’s Trademark Policy to see what restrictions apply.

How do we get a copy of the AASM Facility member logo?
If your facility is fully accredited and a member of the AASM, please review the AASM’s Trademark Policy. You can then download am electronic copy of the logo in two formats (JPG and EPS) in the “membership documents.” of your account.

Is membership open to facilities that have earned provisional accreditation?
Yes. Facility membership is available to all AASM accredited facilities. However, only fully accredited facilities may use the AASM Accredited Member Logo in promotional materials.

Since we have more than one accredited facility, do we receive a discount if each facility becomes a member?
Entities that consist of multiple sleep facilities that are managed by the same company are eligible for corporate sleep medicine center accreditation. Please contact the AASM Accreditation Department at accreditation@aasm.org or (630) 737-9700 for more information.

Since our medical director is an AASM member, is our facility considered an AASM member?
No. Facility and individual memberships are different and require separate applications, and both categories of membership have their own unique benefits. Membership in one category does not mean you are considered a member of another category.