Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Sleep Medicine Committee reviews advancements in AI within the sleep medicine field. The committee provides educational information for AASM members to prepare them for the clinical integration of AI. The committee also works to advance the pilot AI certification program.

Access recent resources created by the AI in Sleep Medicine Committee, including JCSM articles, webinars, a Talking Sleep podcast episode, and more.

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

To address the growing use of AI in health care and in sleep medicine centers, the committee published a position statement and a companion paper in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.


AI in Sleep Medicine: Navigating Security & Privacy Concerns includes a panel discussion led by leading experts in the field of sleep medicine, internet security, and law and navigates privacy concerns in AI and Sleep Technology followed by audience Q & A with panelists.

AI 101: Terminology, Applications, and Considerations for Sleep Medicine (free for AASM members only) was developed in collaboration with the AASM’s Sleep Technologist and Respiratory Therapist Education Committee. It covers the basics of AI and addresses some of the fears and misconceptions surrounding AI.

Current Applications of AI in Sleep Medicine: AI Beyond the PSG (free for AASM members only) provides a background of the current use of AI and machine learning in sleep medicine and highlights specific tools that may benefit sleep medicine clinicians.

Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine: What the Sleep Fellow Needs to Know was produced to give sleep medicine fellows a primer on this evolving technology. It was created as part of AASM’s Choose Sleep initiative.

Talking Sleep Podcast

In this episode, host Seema Khosla, MD talks to AASM AI in Sleep Medicine Committee members Anuja Bandyopadhyay, MBBS, MD and Sam Rusk to learn more about current and future applications of AI, the value to patients and plans for an AASM certification program to validate and standardize AI scoring software.

Technology Report

Members of the Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee collaborated with the Emerging Technology Committee and the AASM Telemedicine Presidential Committee to highlight technology advancements that took on new importance during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Read the report, “Adapting to a Global Pandemic.”


Read the articles below, published in the monthly members-only magazine Montage, to learn more about how the Sleep ISR record rewards program is helping the AASM advance its pilot certification program to evaluate the accuracy of sleep stage scoring by AI software and the results of a survey conducted by the Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee.