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Keep your diagnostic skills sharp with quick, interactive case studies from the Case Book of Sleep Medicine Second Edition, released monthly.

In each medical case study, you will review the patient’s medical record, differential diagnosis and test results. When you are finished with your review, select the final diagnosis button to test your skills. It only takes 5-10 minutes. Click any of the sleep medicine case studies below to get started.

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Advance your skills with this interactive module that includes each of the 2023 AASM Case of the Month modules. In each case study you will have access to medical records and diagnostic test results and you will learn about the case outcome. Topics chosen throughout the year were based upon the Sleep Medicine Blueprint and include a variety of adult and pediatric cases.

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AASM Casebook 3 Case Study of the Month

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Read all of them now by purchasing the Case Book of Sleep Medicine. Follow experienced clinicians as they discuss everything from gathering patient information, test results, diagnosis, and treatment plan considerations. This book features over 100 adult and pediatric sleep cases and is available in both digital and print format. This is a great resource for case studies that cover the depth and breadth of sleep medicine.

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