Conference Grant Support Program

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Conference Grant Support Program provides financial assistance to help other organizations coordinate educational events that reinforce the AASM mission, “Advancing sleep care and enhancing sleep health to improve lives.” Applications are accepted, and grants awarded, on a rolling basis until annual budgeted funds expire.

Preference will be given to conferences that support the AASM mission and expand the knowledge base for care of patients with sleep disorders. Annual conferences with established, ongoing funding typically are not favored during the application review process. Grants usually are awarded in amounts up to $25,000.


To supplement AASM educational course offerings, the program supports specialized conferences addressing unique topics that have not been covered in other venues. These programs may involve speakers and attendees outside of the AASM membership.

The AASM does not require continuing medical education (CME) to be offered as part of the CGSP. However, if the applicant offers CME as part of the proposed conference, then it must conform to all CME guidelines with respect to conflict of interest (COI) disclosure and industry support.

An applicant may receive CGSP funding no more than one time per year. Members of the AASM board of directors and their families are ineligible to apply for or receive funding.

Preference will be given to conferences that support the AASM mission and expand the knowledge base for care of patients who have sleep disorders. Program preferences include conferences that:

  • Focus on emerging areas of strategic need in the field; patient-oriented research; or novel patient assessments, therapies, or improvements in care
  • Include speakers from specialties other than sleep medicine such as genetics, translational research, surgery, and medical informatics
  • Provide training in sleep medicine for primary care, pediatrics, geriatrics or other groups that influence the provision of sleep medicine
  • Meet the needs of the AASM membership
  • Include CME or are conducted in accordance with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines
  • Have matching funds from other organizations or societies
  • Lead to manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

Applications that are not favored during the review process include those requesting funds for:

  • Annual conferences with established, ongoing funding
  • Conferences that compete or overlap with current AASM educational offerings
  • “General funds” or non-educational expenses
  • More than $25,000 in program expenses (unless circumstances are exceptional)

Recipients must agree to follow CGSP guidelines for usage of funds and post-event reporting regardless of the amount of funding received. Funds may be used for:

  • Faculty honoraria. Faculty must meet the AASM requirements to receive honoraria.
  • Faculty travel and hotel expenses directly related to the program. Travel reimbursement must conform to AASM reimbursement policies.
  • Production of learning materials for attendees
  • Food and beverage for attendees
  • Meeting space and audio-visual expenses

The meeting must prominently recognize in its materials the support of the AASM.

Post-Event Reporting

A post-event summary must be sent to the AASM board of directors within ninety (90) days of the conclusion of the conference. The summary report must include a full accounting of fund expenditures in the form of a final budget. The conference organizer also must provide a final count of attendees and copies of any post-event surveys or assessments. All post-event reporting must be submitted to the AASM national office at

Applicants must complete the CGSP application and submit it along with all requested documentation to Requests for funding must include a detailed description of the program, aims, significance, and potential impact on the field. The request also must include a list of speakers and topics, description of the target audience and goals, and a budget. Budgetary information must include the cost of the program, how funds will be spent, and other sources of support.

Applications will be reviewed and considered by the AASM board of directors. Additional information may be requested. The board may elect to approve partial support of a program depending on availability of funds. The decision of the board of directors is final.


Download the program application:


Contact if you have questions or need additional information about the Conference Grant Support Program.