AASM Industry Programs

Bridging the gap between industry and the sleep medicine field.

Industry Engagement Program

Connecting Industry Leaders

The AASM Industry Engagement Program enables you to connect in a more significant way with those working in the field of sleep medicine, as well as leadership at the AASM. We look forward to working together towards industry standardization and improved relations among sleep medicine specialists and businesses from all areas related to sleep medicine.

Program participants will:

  • Establish and build strategic business relationships;
  • Foster open dialogue among key industry representatives who have ties to the medical specialty of sleep medicine;
  • Gain greater understanding of mutual areas of interest; and
  • Promote high quality, patient-centered care for those with sleep disorders.

For additional information and to submit your application, please contact Annette Delagrange, National Sales Manager, at adelagrange@aasm.org  or (630) 737-9732.

Furthering the Advancement of Sleep Technology (FAST) Program

journal of clinical sleep medicine JCSM

Innovative technologies have the capability of enhancing sleep health and improving the practice of clinical sleep medicine. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) recognizes that technology plays a critical role in the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered care. In order to help facilitate optimal care for patients, the AASM has created a program that provides guidance and expertise for health and sleep technology companies.

The Furthering the Advancement of Sleep Technology (FAST) Program gives entrepreneurs and innovative sleep health technology companies the opportunity to request guidance, direction and input from the AASM. Participating companies will be able to gain important sleep information, medical expertise and feedback from leaders in the sleep medicine community. By sharing this knowledge, the AASM will be promoting the development of consumer and clinical sleep technologies that will benefit patients and providers.

Participation in the FAST Program does not represent an AASM endorsement of a product, service or company. Instead, the program facilitates collaboration with AASM members who are key stakeholders in the sleep medicine community and who can provide valuable insight to aid the successful development of sleep-related innovations.

For additional Information about the AASM FAST Program, please contact Chris Waring, Senior Director, at cwaring@aasm.org or 630-737-9731.