Patient Information

sleep education patient information resource

Developed by the AASM, the Sleep Education website provides patients and the public with comprehensive, accurate patient education information about healthy sleep and sleep disorders, along with a searchable directory of AASM-accredited sleep centers across the nation.

sleeptm telemedicine patient information

AASM Patient Guides

Review patient-friendly guides that were developed to help explain clinical practice guidelines. Patients should use these to help identify what questions to ask their physician and understand diagnosis and treatment options.

sleeptm telemedicine patient information


As a telemedicine system designed specifically for sleep medicine, AASM SleepTM enables providers to deliver high quality, convenient and affordable care to patients regardless of distance.

sleeptm telemedicine patient information

American Alliance for Healthy Sleep

The American Alliance for Healthy Sleep (AAHS) is a membership-based organization created to bring about a mutual understanding of sleep disorders and promote advocacy for healthy sleep among patients, providers and the general public.