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Fellow Membership

AASM Fellow members are individuals who have demonstrated special competency in sleep medicine and have made significant contributions to the field, as determined by the Board of Directors.

Over 2,000 members have attained this distinction. Once approved, an AASM Fellow is authorized to use the letters “FAASM” in connection with their professional activities for as long as their membership remains current. Submit your application today!

Requirements for Fellow Membership

  1. Membership with the AASM as a Regular member for the last five consecutive years.
  2. The nominee must demonstrate special contributions to scientific literature or significant advancements in the field of Sleep Medicine in at least two of the following three areas:
    • Research: Demonstration through contributions to scientific literature or significant advancements in the field of Sleep Medicine. Contributions should be referenced.
    • Service: Participation in the practice of Sleep Medicine with proven leadership within the community relating to the advancement of Sleep Medicine. This can include activities within the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, or leadership at a local or regional level.
    • Education: Demonstration of dedication to the advancement of the field of Sleep Medicine through teaching. This can include involvement in the development of courses, training of medical students, residents and fellows, and providing continuing medical education in Sleep Medicine.
  3. A letter of recommendation from an AASM Fellow Member or someone board certified in Sleep Medicine describing the nominee’s achievements in at least two of the three areas noted.
  4. A second letter of support from an independent medical professional outside the group or department of the nominee.
  5. A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae and documentation of certification, if applicable.
Download Fellow Application

To apply, please submit the application form and required documents, at one time, to the national office.

Submit by email to the membership department at membership@aasm.org or send by mail to:

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Attn: Membership Department
2510 North Frontage Road
Darien, IL 60561