Become an AASM Fellow

Take the next step to upgrade your member status to Fellow – a prestigious standing of AASM membership. Fellow status recognizes outstanding contributions in sleep medicine and dedicated membership in the Academy.

The AASM accepts Fellow applications on an annual review schedule. To apply to be an AASM Fellow, view the requirements and schedule below.

Over 2,000 members and counting have attained this distinction. Join them!

2024 Application Schedule

Applications Open for 2024: Oct. 11, 2023 to Nov. 30, 2023 (Membership must be renewed prior to applying)
Results Shared with Applicants: March 2024
New Fellow Ceremony: AASM Membership Meeting at SLEEP (June 2024)
Become AASM Fellow Flyer
  • Membership with the AASM as a Full or Team member for the last five consecutive years
  • Demonstration of special contributions to scientific literature or significant advancements in the field of sleep medicine in at least two of three areas: Scholarship, Service, or Education (Health Professionals/Public Awareness)
  • Two letters of recommendation/support:
    • Letter of recommendation from an AASM Fellow member or someone board certified in sleep medicine describing the nominee’s achievements in at least two of the three areas noted. Letter cannot be written by a current AASM board member.
    • Second letter of support from an independent medical professional outside the group or department of the nominee. This letter of recommendation cannot be written by an immediate family member, a subordinate, or a current AASM board member.
  • Copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae and documentation of certification, if applicable

CV/Resume Writing Tips
To improve your application, your CV/Resume should also include neatly organized sections with clear headings and distinct conceptual divisions. Experience may be divided with headings such as “Educational Activities” or “Scholarship” or “Service”

Sample Fellow application submission

  • How do I find out if I have been a member for 5 consecutive years?
  • May I reapply if I am not accepted as a Fellow this year?
    • While most applicants have many outstanding accomplishments, some may fall short of describing the significant achievements for the contribution areas. We encourage members to reapply when they have met the requirements.
  • Do I need to be board certified in sleep medicine to qualify?
    • No, Board certification is not a requirement.
  • How do I find someone to help write a letter of recommendation?

The Fellow review panel will review and score each applicant carefully considering all items provided under scholarship, service and or education.

Each category is rated on a scale of 0-3; the lowest “0” for items that do not qualify and the highest “3” for items that show significant effort level and impact to the sleep field. To qualify for approval, the applicant must meet or exceed a combined average score of 2.5.

Following this review process, the panel will submit its recommendations of the approved applicants to the AASM Executive Committee. All applicants will receive a notification letter by email in Mid-March.

What is the AASM Fellow Review Panel?

The AASM Fellow Review Panel was formed in 2020 to assist in evaluating fellow applications on an annual basis and submitting their recommendations to the board of directors for final approval.