AASM Mentor Program

The AASM professional medical Mentor Program is designed to connect aspiring professionals of the AASM with more experienced professionals in the sleep medicine field. The goal of the professional mentor program is to generate a meaningful relationship between AASM members, where mentees receive guidance and direction from mentors in areas such as personal and professional development, knowledge and skill transfer, networking, and advancement.

The opportunity to be a mentor is open to individuals who are active AASM members and have been in the field (out of training) for 5 or more years. The opportunity to be a mentee is open to any individual who is an active AASM member.

A commitment from both parties is essential to provide a nurturing environment for mentees and create the best opportunities to succeed. While there are no requirements for how often participants must meet, mentors and mentees are encouraged to discuss communication preferences at the start of the program. Mentors and mentees are also encouraged, but not required, to meet once in person at the annual SLEEP meeting in June. At the end of the year, participants will be asked to complete an AASM Mentor Program survey to assist with an overall evaluation of the program.

For more information, download the AASM Mentor Program Information Guide

Questions about the program? Please email mentorship@aasm.org.

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