The 2024 AASM Autoscoring Certification Pilot Program application window closed on March 31, 2024.

We are no longer accepting applications for this year’s cycle. Please check back for updates on future enrollment opportunities.

Autoscoring Certification: Sleep Stage Pilot Program

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Elevating Standards in Sleep Medicine Technology

Welcome to the future of sleep study evaluation. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) proudly presents the Autoscoring Certification: Sleep Stage Pilot Program. This initiative is designed to rigorously assess and certify autoscoring software systems that analyze adult sleep stages via in-lab polysomnograms, ensuring they meet our high standards for accuracy and reliability.

Certified Autoscoring Software Programs

Current Certified Software:

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Ensodata, Inc.

SOMNOmedics AG

Program Overview

Autoscoring Certification is available to entities that operate in the United States and possess software capable of conducting sleep stage scoring from in-lab polysomnograms. To be eligible, the software must have FDA 510(k) clearance or valid documentation confirming a submission is in process with the FDA. The certification standards detail additional eligibility criteria and are available upon request.

Certification entails a rigorous validation process by the AASM’s Gold Standard Panel, consisting of 9 sleep technologists and 2 physicians. This panel conducts a detailed review of over 100 polysomnographic records from diverse institutions to ensure the software’s performance meets the AASM’s high standards for certification.

Once achieved, certification is valid for two years and includes the software’s version number, underscoring a period of trusted usability.

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