Accreditation Process and Policies

The Accreditation Process and Policies defines the accreditation policies applicants must adhere to and outlines the procedure applicants will follow during the accreditation process.

Great for

  • Applicants wanting to apply for new accreditation.
  • Applicants applying for reaccreditation.
  • Accredited programs seeking to refamiliarize themselves during their accreditation term.

Business Associate Agreement

The HIPAA Privacy Rule explicitly defines organizations that accredit covered entities as business associates.  Like other business associates, accreditation organizations provide a service to the covered entity which may require sharing of protected health information.

The AASM Accreditation process requires completion of a Business Associate Agreement. The AASM recommends applicants download and sign the AASM’s standardized Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and submit as part of the completed Accreditation Application.

Great for

  • Contract specialists looking to understand why a Business Associate Agreement is needed.
  • Applicants searching for additional frequently asked BAA questions.