Accreditation Fees

This page outlines all the associated fees for Accreditation per the Accreditation Process and Policies.

Accreditation Application

Accreditation Type New (Single) Application Fee/
Member Reaccreditation Fee
Reaccreditation Fee
Sleep Facility $4,500 $7,200
Independent Sleep Practice $4,500 $7,200
Specialty Practice $4,500* $7,200*
DME $2,000 $2,000

*Specialty Practice Accreditation fee is limited to a single practice/clinic location. Additional clinic locations of the same specialty practice may be added for an additional $500 each. The additional clinic(s) is not eligible for volume pricing

Accreditation Networks

New Application (Accreditation Network) Fee: A new accreditation under an established accreditation network will receive an accreditation fee based upon their adjusted accreditation term. The fee applied to their adjusted accreditation term is a calculation of the total adjusted term length (number of year(s), month(s), day(s)) to the corresponding accreditation fee above.

Volume Pricing: Volume pricing is available for networks that maintain more than one (1) accreditation program (Sleep Facility, ISP, Specialty Practice, DME) with the AASM.

Number of Accredited
Programs with AASM
Discount Percentage
(Applied to EachAccredited Program)
2-4 5%
5-9 10%
10-14 15%
15-19 20%
20+ 25%

Application Add-on

Application add-on fees will be added to the total accreditation application cost when selecting any add-on during the accreditation application process.

Application Add-on Fee
Expedited Accreditation $500
Additional Specialty Practice Clinics (non-sleep clinic) $500
Custom BAA $600

Service Fees

Service fees may be assessed, in addition to the accreditation application fee, when application timelines are not met (reaccreditation application is submitted after 6 months from expiration, responses to additional information submitted after 14 days from the additional information request), for reinstatement of a suspended accreditation, for the reconsideration (appeal) process, or for cancellation of a scheduled site visit.

Service Fee Type Fee
Late reaccreditation application (<6months prior to expiration date) fee $750
Late responses to application queries (>14 days) fee $750
Suspended accreditation reinstatement fee $250
Reconsideration (appeal) fee $300
Cancellation of in-person site visit $750
Cancellation of remote site visit $250

AASM reserves the right to perform a site visit at any time when it deems warranted. If a site visit is required outside of a new accreditation application or reaccreditation application processes, the AASM will bill the entity a flat fee of $2000* to cover the costs of a site visit.

*Fee applies to the continental United States. Additional fees may apply for facilities located outside the continental United States.

Change Requests

An entity must notify the AASM within 30 days of a change of: location, Facility Director, Principal Medical Staff Member or Medical Director, Primary Contact, accreditation program type, name, ownership, expansion of a sleep facility (new beds or new populations, such as pediatric patients) or expansion of clinic location for specialty practices.

Change Request Type Fee
Relocation of an accredited program $1,000
Expansion of Clinic Location for Specialty Practices $500
All other change requests $0

Application Fee Refunds

An entity may withdraw their application for accreditation at any time or may have their application voided due to non-response to application queries. A portion of the accreditation fee will be refunded to the entity, the amount of which will be determined based upon the status of the application at the time of withdrawal or voided application:

Application Status Refund Amount
Prior to completion of initial application review 80% of application fee
After initial review is complete $1,000
Once a decision has been made by the Accreditation Committee (approved or denied) $0

Logo Usage and Advertisement of Accredited Status

An accredited sleep facility that is not an AASM member facility may not use the AASM logo in conjunction with its facility in any way. A warning will be given if a sleep facility is found to misrepresent itself, or any other facility that is operated in conjunction with an accredited facility but is not itself accredited, by using the AASM logo. A sleep facility that continues to misuse the logo is subject to legal action including revocation of accreditation and a fine of $1,000 per offense.