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Read more about upcoming events, special reminders, resources for your practice or patients, and fun facts about sleep. Upcoming Deadline: Sleep Medicine Match Opens August 15, 2018 The sleep medicine match is conducted by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) [...]

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Sleep Health for Apaches

Troy Sebastian, MSHCA, RPSGT, RST Sleep Disorders Center – Director San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation Established in August 2017, San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation is a tribally owned and operated organization serving members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Eastern Arizona. [...]

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Creating Healthier Lives Through Better Sleep

“The AASM Foundation is one of our most important tools for nurturing the next generation of sleep and circadian researchers. Early support is crucial for the early success and long-term trajectories of our junior colleagues.” Daniel J. Buysse, MD Professor of Sleep [...]

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Behind the Scenes of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

Recognized as one of the most notable AASM membership benefits, the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (JCSM) is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the AASM. This monthly, online publication features original scientific investigations, reviews, case reports and commentaries applicable to the clinical [...]

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In this Issue

Most successful endeavors, including those in the medical field, start with thoughtful planning. In this issue of Montage, we look at the planning process from a few unique perspectives. We report on the first AASM-accredited sleep center on Native American land, where [...]

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Advocating for Evidence-Based Care

The AASM board of directors established the Payer Policy Review Committee (PPRC) in 2015 to develop and maintain resources, based on AASM guidelines, for payers to use when establishing sleep-specific policies. Consistent with the committee mandate, the PPRC has [...]

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News and Updates

Read more about news and updates in the sleep field ranging from findings of interest in popular sleep journals to sleep articles shared in the media. See what AASM members have also been featured in local news! JOURNAL WATCH Use of [...]

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18 Caves You Can Sleep In

Defined as a natural underground place in a hillside or cliff, caves are most often associated with outdoor adventure or exploration and not typically associated with a place for living or sleeping. Around the world, however, people have come to make caves a [...]

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Meet Your Members

Diwakar Balachandran, MD, FAASM MD Anderson Cancer Center Professor, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Division of Internal Medicine An AASM member since 2002, Dr. Dwakar Balachandran specializes in pulmonary and sleep medicine. After learning about the tie between cancer-related fatigue and sleep, Dr. [...]

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