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Meet the 2019 AASM Award Recipients

Each year, the AASM Board of Directors selects the recipients of four AASM awards – the Nathaniel Kleitman Distinguished Service Award, the Excellence in Education Award, the William C. Dement Academic Achievement Award, and the Mark O. Hatfield Public Policy or Advocacy Award. [...]

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Overcoming PAP Resistance

Kristin L. Daley, PhD Founding Partner BASE Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Kristin Daley, PhD, has been an active member with the AASM since 2005. She is a psychologist certified in behavioral sleep medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. She also is [...]

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What’s an APP?

This question from a physician colleague stuck with me. It reflected the physician’s humor and highlighted the complexity of the question. Your first answer to this question may be “a software application downloaded to your smartphone,” but I hope you also recognized [...]

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Books by Members

In the two years since we published our first book roundup, we’ve seen a number of new books written by AASM members. Here are some of the more recent books published by members of the AASM. Epilepsy and the [...]

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Healthier Lives Through Better Sleep

"A key goal of the current strategic plan is for the AASM Foundation to take on a leading role in addressing unanswered scientific questions that will improve care for patients, while also helping to train the next generation of sleep scientists." Jennifer [...]

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News and Updates

Read more about news and updates in the sleep field ranging from findings of interest in popular sleep journals to sleep articles shared in the media. See what AASM members have also been featured in local news! JOURNAL WATCH Expert-level sleep [...]

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Read more about upcoming events, special reminders, resources for your practice or patients, and fun facts about sleep. Upcoming Deadline: Sleep Medicine Disruptors March 29, 2019 | In-Person and Livestream Sleep Medicine Disruptors is a new learning experience that will [...]

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In this Issue

Understanding means you know, perceive, and comprehend. When it comes to the field of sleep medicine, understanding gives you the ability to advance your career and improve the lives of your patients. AASM members across the world work to share their experiences [...]

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Children’s sleep center expands to meet rising demand

Binal S. Kancherla, MD Pediatric Pulmonology at Texas Children’s Hospital Sleep Medicine Program Assistant Medical Director Dr. Binal Kancherla is a clinic physician at Texas Children’s Sleep Center, one of the few accredited sleep centers in the country specializing in children’s sleep [...]

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In this Issue

The transition into a new year offers many opportunities for growth. Whether you are expanding a sleep center, adding to your professional toolkit, or participating in career development, you will continue to receive valuable resources, insight and encouragement from the AASM in [...]

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