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18 Caves You Can Sleep In

Defined as a natural underground place in a hillside or cliff, caves are most often associated with outdoor adventure or exploration and not typically associated with a place for living or sleeping. Around the world, however, people have come to make caves a [...]

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Meet Your Members

Diwakar Balachandran, MD, FAASM MD Anderson Cancer Center Professor, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Division of Internal Medicine An AASM member since 2002, Dr. Dwakar Balachandran specializes in pulmonary and sleep medicine. After learning about the tie between cancer-related fatigue and sleep, Dr. [...]

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Finding Ways to Improve Access to Insomnia Therapy

Currently practicing at Virginia Mason Medical Center, Dr. Brandon Peters is boardcertified in sleep medicine and neurology. His published research includes studies of sleep ethics, the sleep habits of university students, circadian rhythm disorders in the blind, and parasomnias. With a goal [...]

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In this Issue

This issue of Montage features articles focused on strategies to improve patient access to care in the field of sleep medicine. Millions of people in the U.S. have a sleep disorder, so developing new ways to reach untreated patients is of vital [...]

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News and Updates

Read more about news and updates in the sleep field ranging from findings of interest in popular sleep journals to sleep articles shared in the media. See what AASM members have also been featured in local news! JOURNAL WATCH Genome-wide analysis [...]

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Read more about upcoming events, special reminders, resources for your practice or patients, and fun facts about sleep. Upcoming Event: Sleep Medicine Essentials Your Lifeline to Sleep Knowledge Breathe life into your exam prep or general sleep knowledge! Sleep Medicine [...]

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Celebrating 20 Years of Research

This April, the American Sleep Medicine Foundation unveiled its new name: American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation (AASM Foundation). The AASM Foundation strives to enhance sleep health for all by funding strategic research and career development awards for exceptional sleep investigators and [...]

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Members in Action

The last couple of months have been active ones for AASM members. From exhibiting at a science and engineering festival to celebrating award recipients, we’ve gathered details on where our members have been and how they have been making information about sleep medicine more [...]

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Young Physicians Corner

Dr. Meghna Mansukhani, a previous Medical Director of several sleep labs in Minnesota and now a consultant for Mayo Clinic, has been an active member of the AASM since 2010 and is currently vice chair of the AASM Young Physicians Presidential Committee. [...]

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Read more about upcoming events, resources for your practice or patients, and fun facts about sleep. Upcoming Event: SLEEP 2018 Organized by the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC, SLEEP is the premier world forum to present and discuss the [...]

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