Rapid innovation in consumer and clinical sleep technology is a challenge for sleep clinicians. Fueled by online advertising and social media chatter, consumer utilization of sleep devices and apps is soaring. As a result, patients are bringing more data from home to the clinic, where they expect sleep providers to be familiar with trending sleep technology.

The AASM Consumer and Clinical Technology Committee developed the #SleepTechnology directory to familiarize AASM members with new and popular sleep devices and apps. The listings provide concise, at-a-glance summaries of both the capabilities and limitations of this technology. This resource will continue to be updated with new listings, including the addition of summaries for novel clinical devices that patients may want to discuss with sleep medicine providers.

We welcome your thoughts and encourage you to post comments sharing your experience with the latest sleep technology. You can also contact us to let us know which devices or apps we should summarize next. Access additional resources created by the Emerging Technology Committee, including articles, a glossary of terms, a podcast episode, and more.

FDA status, Clinical Trials, publications, and other technology features are rapidly changing. Members may want to search these websites for the most up to date information. Members also are strongly encouraged to consult with insurers regarding coding and billing for novel HSAT devices when used to diagnose OSA or to qualify for CPAP or other OSA treatments. Additionally, caution (when using a novel HSAT) is advised when identification of central sleep apnea or other sleep disorders are a consideration or concern.

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