AASM Board of Directors Nomination Process

The AASM invites qualified members to nominate themselves or encourage others to be considered for seats that will open in 2024 on the AASM Board of Directors. To qualify for service on the AASM Board of Directors, nominees must:

  • Be a voting AASM member* in good standing
  • Meet AASM’s conflict of interest standards

*Full members with Regular, Fellow, or Fellow Emeritus standing are voting members of the AASM. Contact membership@aasm.org to check eligibility.

See the Board of Directors Nomination Process FAQs for additional details.

2024-2025 Vacancies

There is at least one opening on the 2024-2025 AASM Board of Directors. At-large member terms are for three years, and Directors are eligible for re-election for no more than one additional consecutive term.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Set Organizational Direction
    • Participate in regular strategic planning
    • Determine AASM’s mission, vision and core values
    • Set major goals and develop strategies
    • Approve operational, strategic and budgetary plans
  • Ensure Necessary Resources
    • Hire, oversee and support executive leadership
    • Ensure adequate financial resources
    • Enhance AASM’s public standing and advocate for the mission
    • Ensure the presence of a capable and responsible board
  • Provide Oversight
    • Oversee financial management
    • Minimize exposure to risk
    • Measure progress against the strategic plan
    • Monitor and evaluate programs and services
    • Provide legal and moral oversight
    • Formally evaluate the Executive Director
  • Serve on the Board of Directors of the American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM). * May potentially serve on the Board of the AASM Foundation.
  • Serve as board liaison on assigned committees
  • Serve on board committees

*ABSM Board meetings occur in conjunction with AASM Board meetings.

Time Commitment

Serving on the AASM Board of Directors requires a substantial time commitment, including:

  • Required attendance at quarterly 2-3 day virtual or in-person board meetings, and a ½-day board meeting at SLEEP each June. Additional conference calls may be required in between scheduled meeting dates.
  • Review of materials in advance of board meetings (board books can be 300+ pages)
  • Attendance at meetings of assigned board committees, which meet periodically
  • Attendance as board liaison at meetings of multiple assigned committees, which typically meet monthly

Additional Information

The Board of Directors recently conducted a skills self-assessment and identified the following areas for growth:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Legal Competency / Risk Analysis
  • Negotiation / Conflict Management
  • Quality Measures (e.g., MIPS)
  • Pediatrics

Applying to Serve on the Board

  1. Review the AASM Conflict of Interest Policy
  2. Complete the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee application by Sunday, November 19, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

Reserve time on December 9, 2023, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CT, to be available to answer any questions the Nominating Committee may have about your application.

Nominating Committee Process (What Happens Next)

The AASM Nominating Committee meets to review the applications. The Nominating Committee will consider the following criteria when evaluating nominee applications:

  1. An applicant’s previous experience at the AASM.
  2. An applicant’s skills and expertise that are needed by the Board of Directors or Nominating Committee.
  3. The applicant demonstrated creativity, care, and thoughtfulness in their application materials.
  4. The applicant’s unique characteristics that increase diversity on the Board (e.g., location, institution, practice type, race/ethnicity/gender, age).

Upon completion of their deliberation, the Nominating Committee will submit their recommendations for final candidate(s) to the AASM Board of Directors and then to the membership for election to the position. Nominees will be notified of election results in April. Terms of service for new appointees to the AASM Board of Directors will commence in June at SLEEP 2024.

The AASM also is seeking nominees for the Nominating Committee.