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The AASM Standards for Accreditation outline various requirements that a medical sleep center must maintain through the life of their accreditation. The resources below may assist your medical sleep center in maintaining compliance with the standards.

Products: Help with Accreditation

Accreditation Reference Manuals
This easy-to-use guide provides concrete examples of policies, procedures, forms and documents that you will need for your manual.

2021 Practice Management Course On-Demand
This course provides physicians and their teams with up-to-date information on medical sleep center optimization and management, leading to more effective and efficient patient care.

2021 AASM Accreditation Bundle On-Demand
Hear from site visitors, accredited facility staff and AASM accreditation staff how to best navigate the process and use resources to guide you to successful accreditation.

AASM Standards and Guidelines for the Practice of Sleep Medicine
A convenient compilation of AASM practice parameters, review papers, clinical guidelines and best practice papers that will keep you up-to-date on the practice of sleep medicine.

Products: Patient Education

Patient Education Brochures
Purchase brochures discussing over 20 sleep-related topics. Choose as many topics as you’d like or purchase a sampler pack to preview all topics before placing an order.

Patient Education Subscription
Provide patients with on-demand education to help improve understanding and compliance of their sleep-related disorder.

Spanish Patient Education Fact Sheet Subscription
Provide your Spanish speaking patient population with on-demand education to help improve understanding and compliance of their sleep-related disorder.

Welcome to Your Sleep Study
Use this video before your patient’s overnight study, as a patient resource on your website, or in your waiting/consultation room to ensure patients know what to expect of a successful overnight sleep study.

Welcome to Your Home Sleep Apnea Test
Inform your patients with a brief video explanation of what to expect from a Home Sleep Apnea Test.

Continuing Medical Education Credit

There are many ways to earn continuing medical education credits to fulfill standards B-4, B-6 and B-7 of the Standards for Accreditation. Learn more.


The logo for the Sleep Inter-Scorer Reliability Assessment System.

Sleep ISR
This platform allows you to easily fulfill Standard B-9, Sleep Technician and Technologists Continuing Education, and F-7, Inter-scorer Reliability or the AASM Standards of Accreditation. Learn about earning continuing education credits, scoring adult and pediatric records, practicing scoring on archived records, and more.

The logo for the AASM Sleep Team Education Program.

Expand your practice! Create a new revenue stream by becoming an A-STEP Accredited Course Provider and setting your own course registration fees. Customize your course to fit the pace that works best for your facility. Promote consistent training of sleep staff in your community, and train technologists that can become your future employees after obtaining licensure. Apply today.