Talking Sleep Season 5 | Episode 12

SleepHouse Rock: How a CPT Code is Made

Dr. Vikas Jain, GUEST

As sleep technology continues to advance, we are sometimes left to try to figure out which billing code to use. There are level 2 studies that have a g-code and some novel HSAT devices that are creating new metrics that don’t always fit into a current CPT code. Navigating this can be tricky. Here to help us understand how a CPT code is made is Dr. Vikas Jain.

Dr. Vikas Jain is a board-certified sleep specialist and currently serves as an Advisor to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University’s Sleep Medicine program and is the Medical Director for the Polysomnographic Technology Program at Collin College. He serves on the AASM CPT committee in an advisory role.