Talking Sleep Season 5 | Episode 19

Medications to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Dr. Sanjay Patel, GUEST

We have long known that CPAP therapy isn’t meant for everyone who has obstructive sleep apnea. There are plenty of non-PAP treatment options, including oral appliance therapy and hypoglossal nerve stimulation. Pharmacotherapy has been used as an adjunct therapy to treat persistent hypersomnolence despite well-treated OSA or to assist with PAP acclimatization. Now medications are being developed to treat OSA and its underlying obstruction. Here to help us understand more about these medications is Dr. Sanjay Patel.

Dr. Patel is a sleep physician who directs the clinical sleep program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). He is a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh where he directs the Center for Sleep and Cardiovascular Outcomes Research. By way of full disclosure, the is a paid consultant for Apnimed, and also consulted for Bayer.