Talking Sleep Season 5 | Episode 16

DREAM-IT: Insomnia Management in Adolescents

Dr. Maureen Elizabeth McQuillan and Dr. Sarah Morsbach Honaker, GUESTS

As students go back to school, many adolescents will have to advance their sleep phase in order to start classes early in the morning. While delayed sleep phase syndrome is common during adolescence, insomnia symptomatology may be underrecognized. It may be attributed to excessive screen time, social jet lag, or too much caffeine. We try to provide education around proper sleep hygiene techniques and often deploy cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, which was developed for adults. Are there other special considerations for adolescents? Does it make sense to utilize CBT-I in this age group? Is it appropriate to utilize sleep restriction therapy for teenagers? Should we adapt our current CBT-I algorithms to better suit the adolescent population? Here to help us answer these questions are Dr. Maureen Elizabeth McQuillan and Dr. Sarah Morsbach Honaker.

Dr. McQuillan is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, working in pediatric behavioral sleep medicine and high-risk asthma at the same facilities. Her research aims to advance understanding of the development and treatment of sleep problems in children and their families, particularly among high-stress, underserved populations. Both our pediatric behavioral sleep medicine specialists provide insomnia care to children and adolescents.

Dr. Honaker is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine at Riley Children’s Hospital, and Director of the Healthy Sleep for Kids research laboratory. Her research examines evidence-based identification and treatment of pediatric sleep disorders, with an emphasis on health equity.