Talking Sleep Season 5 | Episode 11

Bringing Sleep to the Neighborhood: The Mobile Sleep Lab Model

Mark Boulos, Dr. Luqi Chi and Dr. Oleg Chernyshev, GUESTS

A few years ago, the AASM held a competition challenging us to reimagine sleep care. The Mobile Sleep Lab was a model that was submitted as a contender in this challenge. Here to tell us more about this are Dr. Mark Boulos, Dr. Luqi Chi and Dr. Oleg Chernyshev.

Dr. Mark Boulos is a stroke & sleep neurologist, associate professor and clinician-investigator in the division of neurology at the University of Toronto and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, as well as physician lead for the Sunnybrook Sleep Laboratory. Dr. Boulos oversees an active research program that investigates the association of sleep disorders with TIA/stroke, dementia and other neurological disorders. In 2020, Dr. Boulos was awarded by the American Academy of Neurology the Wayne Hening Sleep Medicine Investigator Award in recognition of outstanding achievements in Sleep Science research.

Dr. Luqi Chi is a professor of neurology and sleep medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Her areas of clinical interest include outpatient and hospital sleep medicine. Chi is a site principal investigator of ongoing NIH funded randomized control clinical trials: (1) Impact of treating obstructive sleep apnea on mild cognitive impairment; and (2) the effect of treating central sleep apnea with nocturnal home oxygen therapy on hospital readmission and mortality.

Dr. Oleg Y. Chernyshev is professor of neurology and sleep medicine at LSU HSC at Shreveport, LA., currently directing both sleep medicine and vascular neurology programs. He is working with his Colleagues on multiple projects aimed to advance the sleep medicine field in clinical, administrative, educational, and research settings.  His special interest is in the development of Mobile Sleep Medicine Field. The Mobile Sleep Medicine model was presented during the 2021 AASM Sleep Disruptors competition and won the People’s Choice Award.