The below two lists highlight noteworthy studies published in 2023 in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine that captured the attention of the public and health care professionals.

Top 10 Altmetric Scores

Altmetric scores are calculated from the number of times the study is reported on in the news and shared on social media.

  1. Examining understandability, information quality, and presence of misinformation in popular YouTube videos on sleep compared to expert-led videos
  2. Evaluation of a novel device to assess obstructive sleep apnea and body position
  3. The norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor reboxetine alone reduces obstructive sleep apnea severity: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized crossover trial
  4. A randomized sham-controlled clinical trial of a novel wearable intervention for trauma-related nightmares in military veterans
  5. Changes in eating patterns in response to chronic insufficient sleep and their associations with diet quality: a randomized trial
  6. Debunking myths about daylight saving time: ten things everyone should know about the benefits of permanent standard time
  7. Quantifying the impact of the Philips recall on patients with sleep apnea and clinicians
  8. Management of REM sleep behavior disorder: an American Academy of Sleep Medicine clinical practice guideline
  9. Bilateral high-frequency noninvasive peroneal nerve stimulation evokes tonic leg muscle activation for sleep-compatible reduction of restless legs syndrome symptoms
  10. Building a deeper understanding of social relationship health in adolescents with narcolepsy disorder

Top 10 Most Accessed

The most accessed articles are determined by combining article pageviews and PDF downloads as measured from the journal’s website.

  1. Management of REM sleep behavior disorder: an American Academy of Sleep Medicine clinical practice guideline
  2. Opioids and restless legs syndrome: a double-edged sword
  3. Management of REM sleep behavior disorder: an American Academy of Sleep Medicine systematic review, meta-analysis, and GRADE assessment
  4. Pharmacological responsiveness of periodic limb movements in patients with restless legs syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  5. Photoplethysmography—new applications for an old technology: a sleep technology review
  6. Dose-response analysis of smartphone usage and self-reported sleep quality: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
  7. The effectiveness of sleep breathing impairment index in assessing obstructive sleep apnea severity
  8. Emergence of restless legs syndrome during opioid discontinuation
  9. Distinguishing central from obstructive hypopneas on a clinical polysomnogram
  10. Application of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis of sleep apnea

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