After extensive feedback and requests, it is a reality, ready for you to score – The Sleep ISR Pediatric Track!

Users can now score the first ever pediatric record to test their knowledge of pediatric sleep studies.

Bonus! As a thank you to our loyal Sleep ISR community, all subscribers will have access to the first three months of the pediatric track for FREE!

After the three-month introductory period, users can score the pediatric records by doing one of the following from the Manage Plan section of your account:

  • Add the Pediatric Track with the new Premium Subscription
  • Purchase the Pediatric Track as an add-on to your Basic Subscription
  • Use credits to purchase individual Pediatric Records
  • Call AASM to switch from the Adult Track to Pediatric Track. Subscribers that switch before March 15th will receive an additional three months free for the first year of their subscription.

If your facility is not interested in scoring pediatric records, you do not need to make any changes to your account.

Continuing Education – Earn 12 CEC/CME

Technologist and Physicians can earn 12 – Continuing Education Credits (CEC) or Continuing Medical Credits (CME) by scoring the Pediatric track. Facilities that have opted into both the Adult and Pediatric track can earn up to 24 education credits per year.

*Physicians – opt into CME from your account in the Settings Tab. There is an additional cost for CME access.

Accreditation and Pediatric Records

Sleep ISR continues to allow users to meet accreditation requirements whether your center uses adult or pediatric records. By choosing the record track (adult, pediatric, or both) that best suits your facility, you are improving the quality of care for patients. You will still be able to fulfill accreditation requirements with Sleep ISR regardless of which track your staff scores.

Questions! Contact the Sleep ISR helpdesk at 630-737-9765 or