Effective Feb.  1, 2020, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine will release updated Accreditation Process and Policies. Small changes have been made throughout the document for clarity, consistency and brevity.

The Accreditation Process and Policies: At-a-Glance document summarizes the major revisions that have been made to the Accreditation Process and Policies. All currently accredited entities and applicants are strongly encouraged to review these revisions.

Applicants who submit an accreditation application on Feb. 1, 2020, or later will complete their application under the updated Accreditation Process and Policies. Applicants currently in the accreditation process who submitted their application prior to Feb. 1, 2020, will complete the remainder of their application under the previous Accreditation Process and Policies.  Applicants who opened a Provisional application but have not submitted prior to Feb. 1, 2020, will be converted to the new application process.

Learn more about AASM accreditation. Please contact the Accreditation Department at accreditation@aasm.org with any questions.