The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Division of Lung Diseases (DLD) and Division for the Application of Research Discoveries (DARD) held a joint workshop in September titled “Reducing Health Disparities: The Role of Sleep Deficiency and Sleep Disorders.”An executive summary of the workshop is now available on the NHLBI website.

According the NHLBI, the purpose of the workshop was to (1) Identify critical gaps in knowledge that need to be overcome in understanding sleep-related health disparities (2) Identify and prioritize exceptional opportunities for research to fundamentally improve our understanding of sleep-related health disparities (3) Describe strategies and prioritize opportunities for translation, dissemination, and application to reduce sleep-related health disparities (4) Assess the concept of “sleep” as a ‘fundamental requirement of daily living’ and potential implications for future disparities work. Participants included a diverse group of sleep and health disparity researchers with expertise in cardiovascular and metabolic science. 

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