Over the past year, the AASM Sleep ISR team has been working to enhance the platform to provide a new educational experience for mastery level education in sleep scoring for sleep technologists, technicians, trainees and other sleep medicine professionals. We are excited to share with you the newest Sleep ISR platform feature: the Sleep ISR Scoring Course, launching Jan. 3, 2022!

The Sleep ISR Scoring Course is an online, modular program that will teach the concepts behind, and the skills of, scoring an in-laboratory polysomnogram (PSG). Upon completion of this program, participants will be skilled in scoring sleep studies. This course will be especially useful for anyone in a new role, those looking to brush up their skills, or managers seeking to set the level of their team’s PSG scoring.

Sleep ISR Scoring Course Access

The only way to access the Sleep ISR Scoring Course is through Sleep ISR. Sleep ISR administrators will have the ability to manage the Sleep ISR Scoring Course through their facility account, set expectations with their staff to complete the course, and generate reports on staffs’ skill level after completion. Facilities with an active premium subscription will have automatic access to the Sleep ISR Scoring Couse for all staff beginning Jan. 3, 2022.

Facilities with an active basic track subscription can add access to the Sleep ISR Scoring Couse at a prorated discount under the “Manage Plan” section or can upgrade to the premium subscription plan through the current expiration date. If your subscription is within the 90-day renewal period, you can complete the guided pricing to add the scoring course or upgrade to the premium subscription at the full annual subscription fee.

Visit the Sleep ISR website to register for the course starting Jan. 3 and learn more about the entire catalog of sleep scoring offerings. If you have any questions regarding the Sleep ISR Scoring Course, please contact the AASM at isr@aasm.org or 630-737-9765.

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