Today the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) posted online our new three-year strategic plan for 2024 – 2027. The plan will support the AASM’s ongoing mission of advancing sleep care and enhancing sleep health to improve lives.

The AASM contracted with an external consulting firm, which worked closely with the Board of Directors to develop the plan. As part of the strategic planning process, the consultants conducted 15 qualitative interviews with members and non-members representing diverse perspectives. These interviews provided insights about their perceptions of the AASM, key industry trends and challenges, and areas of focus where AASM can make a meaningful impact. Additionally, the AASM distributed a survey that was completed by more than 1,400 individuals. It provided input about the challenges facing the field, the value of the AASM, and key priorities. This feedback from members and other stakeholders was extremely helpful as we developed the plan.

The adoption of this strategic plan by the Board of Directors included the approval of a new vision, “Sleep and circadian care is fundamental to health care.” This statement emphasizes that the work our members do every day is vital and foundational for the success of our health care system.

The plan comprises three strategic goals:

Sleep medicine awareness

Engage in advocacy to promote the value of sleep medicine

Practice success

Ensure that sleep practices in diverse settings can deliver quality care and innovate to achieve better outcomes for patients

Technology integration

Guide sleep team professionals in integrating new and emerging technologies in clinical care

Each goal contains several objectives, which are available for your review on the website. The AASM staff have developed an operations plan that breaks each objective down into specific initiatives, and priorities and key performance indicators for the next 12 months have been identified.

I am grateful for all the members who provided valuable feedback during this process, and I anticipate that this plan will help the AASM continue to support our members, advance sleep and circadian care, and address urgent challenges in the sleep field.

James A. Rowley, MD, FAASM