Insomnia Toolkit for Clinicians

Insomnia disorder is associated with substantial burden that impacts patients, providers, payers, health systems, and society at large. As a foundational step toward improving access to high-quality insomnia care, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) convened key stakeholders and thought leaders for an AASM Insomnia Summit in September 2022. Participants described key barriers to, and facilitators of, high-quality insomnia care, and they identified notable opportunities to improve access to care in the future.

In terms of next steps, the most important principles discussed were influencing payer policies, applying public health principles, and ensuring successful implementation of best practices. To advance these efforts, the AASM and other summit participants developed this toolkit with the intention to make these resources freely available. Given the scope of the problem and burden of insomnia, improving outcomes will require sustained engagement from diverse stakeholders and a patient-centered approach. (J Clin Sleep Med. 2024;20(3):455–459.)

Current Clinical Guidelines

Evaluation & Management Tools

Talking Sleep Podcast

Season 3, Episode 4 – Behavioral Interventions to Treat Insomnia

A Patient’s Perspective of Insomnia

Michelle’s Story

Laurie’s Story

Jane’s Story

Lisa’s Story

Continuing Education

Webinar Recordings

Professional Resources

Training & Certification

CBT-I Specialists

Digital CBT-I Platforms

Free services

Paid services

Paid, online and app-based CBT-I services also are available by prescription or for a fee. Insurance coverage for these services is variable.

Patient Information

Webpages & Fact Sheets

Patient Guides

Updated June 17, 2024