The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the American Medical Association and more than 70 other organizations are conducting a comprehensive multi-specialty survey of America’s physician practices. The deadline to submit surveys is December 31, 2008, so please participate at your earliest convenience.

Please alert your staff regarding your willingness to participate in this survey and the importance of accepting incoming calls, faxes or emails from dmrkynetec. A postcard was mailed to the entire physician sample on June 11th. If you received this postcard it is an indication that you have been selected to participate in the survey. If you have been selected to participate in this important effort and have any questions about this survey, please call toll-free at (877) 816-8940 and ask to speak with one of dmrkynetec’s executive interviewers about the 2008 Physician Practice Information Survey.

The results will be used to positively influence national decision makers. The section of the study pertaining to your practice expenses is particularly important, and we request that you complete it accurately in its entirety. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has indicated it will use the results of this study to help determine physician payment. The survey firm, dmrkynetec, has been retained to contact randomly selected physicians and practice managers to collect responses. All responses will remain confidential.

If you would like to see if you have been selected to participate in this survey, please go to the survey Web site.  If you have been selected, the Web site will provide instructions for helping you begin preparations for participating in the survey. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.