SLEEP 2022, the 36th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC (APSS), was held on June 4-8, 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since its inception in 1986, SLEEP has become the premier forum on sleep medicine. Each year, the APSS is proud to bring together a diverse and dedicated group of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors to contribute to the advancement of sleep medicine. Below are some of the research findings and product announcements from this year’s exhibitors.

New Data Show Clinically Meaningful Improvements for Investigational Oral Pharmacologic Treatment AD504 in People with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Apnimed presented data from a proof-of-concept study exploring two potential oral therapeutic candidates for the treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea, AD504 (atomoxetine + trazodone) and AD182 in an oral presentation at SLEEP 2022.

Avadel to Present Clinical Data for FT218 at SLEEP 2022

Avadel Pharmaceuticals presented clinical data for FT218 in nine posters at SLEEP 2022. FT218 is the company’s lead drug candidate, an investigational formulation of sodium oxybate designed to be taken once at bedtime for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness or cataplexy in adults with narcolepsy.

Eisai to Present Latest Data on Lemborexant at the 36th Annual SLEEP 2022 Meeting

Eisai presented seven posters including the latest data on its in-house discovered orexin receptor antagonist lemborexant (product name: DAYVIGO® CIV) at the 36th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (SLEEP 2022).

Harmony Biosciences Presents Post-Hoc Analysis of WAKIX® (Pitolisant) Pivotal Data in Adults with High Burden of Narcolepsy Symptoms

Harmony Biosciences presented results of a post-hoc analysis from the pivotal data evaluating the clinical impact of WAKIX® (pitolisant) on the reduction of excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy in adults with a high burden of narcolepsy symptoms as a poster at SLEEP 2022.

SLEEP 2022: Idorsia U.S. to present data from Wake Up America survey, revealing the hidden toll of insomnia, along with three other abstracts on the evaluation and treatment of insomnia

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals presented results from the Wake Up America survey, conducted by The Alliance for Sleep and sponsored by Idorsia at SLEEP 2022. Survey results reveal a drastic need for education, improved dialogue and new solutions for people affected by insomnia.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals to Present New Data at SLEEP 2022 Reinforcing Leadership in Sleep Medicine

Jazz Pharmaceuticals presented 17 new abstracts from across its neuroscience portfolio at SLEEP 2022, including poster presentations on the efficacy and safety of Xywav and results of surveys of patients and physicians regarding idiopathic hypersomnia.

Neurocrine Biosciences Presents Data on Sleep Disturbances and OFF Time in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease and Motor Fluctuations at SLEEP 2022

Neurocrine Biosciences presented data on sleep disturbances in Parkinson’s disease demonstrating the impact of OFF episodes, or reemergence of symptoms between doses of levodopa, on falling asleep and staying asleep at SLEEP 2022.

Pear Presents Interim Real-World Data Showing Significant Reductions in Symptoms of Chronic Insomnia, Anxiety and Depression with Somryst® at SLEEP 2022

Pear Therapeutics presented a late-breaking poster at SLEEP 2022 that showed treatment with Somryst®, the only FDA-authorized prescription digital therapeutic for the treatment of chronic insomnia, achieved significant reductions in symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and depression severity both immediately following treatment and six months later.

ProSomnus to Present Data at SLEEP 2022, the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society

ProSomnus presented the results of three studies evaluating its FDA-cleared oral appliance therapy  devices in the treatment of OSA. ProSomnus shared the data, demonstrating the efficacy and performance advantages of precision oral appliance therapy, in three poster presentations at SLEEP 2022.

Sleep Number Unveils New Research from Its 360® Smart Bed on Temperature Sensing and Daytime Alertness

Sleep Number announced new data from its 360 smart bed at SLEEP 2022. Data presented showed results of a study to measure skin temperature using sensors to be deployed in 360 smart beds, and a study to measure daytime alertness using Sleep Number’s proprietary SleepIQ® technology.

SleepScore Labs Unveils Latest Findings From 14 New Studies at SLEEP 2022 Conference

SleepScore Labs presented fourteen new studies at SLEEP 2022 that covered topics like social jetlag, aging, and chronotypes. Data were derived from over 90 million hours of measurement on SleepScore’s proprietary non-contact sleep technology.

Sunrise unveils ground-breaking home sleep apnea test at SLEEP 2022

Sunrise, a Belgium-based sleep technology company, unveiled a new at-home sleep test and presented the latest clinical research on using mandibular movement to measure respiratory effort at SLEEP 2022. The Sunrise sensor has a single point of contact that rests on the patient’s chin, to measure mandibular movement.

Suven Life Sciences Ltd presenting key Scientific and Baseline Characteristic Data of Samelisant (SUVN-G3031) Phase-2 Study in Patients with Narcolepsy at the SLEEP-2022 Conference

Suven Life Sciences presented two posters at SLEEP 2022 showing key data from Samelisant (SUVN-G3031), a Phase 2 proof-of-concept clinical study evaluating efficacy and safety in patients with narcolepsy (both type 1 and type 2) at clinical sites in the USA and Canada.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Announces Presentations at SLEEP 2022

Vanda Pharmaceuticals presented three posters at SLEEP 2022 showcasing recent genetic research in the association of sleep disturbances and autism and studies of individuals with delayed sleep.

Vivos Therapeutics to Present at Upcoming SLEEP 2022 Annual Meeting

Vivos Therapeutics gave two presentations at SLEEP 2022. Dr. Seth Heckman, Vivos Medical Advisory Board member, presented an abstract on a retrospective study with Vivos patients, and Dr. J. Steven Alexander, a molecular physiologist working on the cellular mechanisms underlying maxillary modeling in adults with OSA, discussed the basic science behind The Vivos Method during a symposium chaired by Dr. Clete Kushida.

The APSS thanks all attendees and exhibitors who made SLEEP 2022 a resounding success. More information on the SLEEP meeting can found on the SLEEP meeting website.