Today the American Academy of Sleep Medicine unveiled a new logo to coincide with the launch of the completely redesigned AASM website. Approved recently by the board of directors, the logo represents a rebranding of the AASM.

When the previous AASM logo was developed in 1999, sleep medicine was still seeking recognition as a medical subspecialty. The logo visually reinforced the identity of sleep medicine as a distinct medical field, focusing on the balance that can be achieved through healthy sleep.

Nearly two decades later, our field has evolved significantly. Sleep medicine has achieved specialty recognition, there is unprecedented awareness of the importance of healthy sleep, and the next generation of sleep specialists is infusing our field with renewed energy, passion and enthusiasm.

The new logo represents a fresh, optimistic start as we begin the next phase of our journey together. Yet the logo also maintains the classic, visual balance that has been a hallmark of our field: night and day, sleep and wake. Our logo has changed, but our mission to improve sleep health remains the same.

It’s a brand new day for the AASM, and I am excited about all that we will accomplish together in the months and years ahead as we are inspired by the shared vision of achieving optimal health through better sleep.

Ilene M. Rosen, MD, MS
AASM President