DARIEN, IL – The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has launched a two-year pilot program for the certification of autoscoring software that provides adult sleep stage scoring from the analysis of data gathered by polysomnography.

The AASM Autoscoring Certification program will independently evaluate the real-world performance of autoscoring software using private sleep study data scored by experts in the sleep field. A company that achieves certification will be able to demonstrate to accredited sleep facilities that the accuracy of its autoscoring solution is comparable to manual scoring by trained professionals.

“As autoscoring software becomes more complex, it is essential that accredited sleep facilities have confidence in the accuracy of the autoscored results before incorporating these tools into clinical practice,” said Jennifer Martin, a licensed clinical psychologist and president of the AASM. “Accurate sleep stage scoring is essential for the diagnosis of many sleep disorders, and AASM Autoscoring Certification will play an important role in advancing sleep care by objectively assessing the accuracy of available autoscoring tools.”

A polysomnogram is an overnight sleep study that records brain waves, heart rate, breathing, oxygen levels, and eye and muscle movements. These data are “scored” to identify sleep stages and measure physiologic events, which contributes to the definition of certain sleep disorders, assessment of sleep disorder severity, and evaluation of a therapy’s efficacy. Autoscoring software has the potential to promote efficiencies in patient care by significantly reducing the time required to score sleep studies.

“Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other innovations are poised to have a dramatic impact on the practice of sleep medicine,” said AASM Executive Director Steve Van Hout. “AASM Autoscoring Certification is just one example of how the American Academy of Sleep Medicine is committed to ensuring that these technological advances support the provision of high-quality, patient-centered care.”

The AASM will be accepting applications for this pilot program through the end of 2023. To be considered for certification, autoscoring software must have received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration, or the company must be in the submission process with the FDA. The software also must be able to analyze raw, unscored, full-night polysomnography records.

Companies that achieve certification will receive a certificate and a license to utilize the autoscoring certification mark for promotional purposes. Certified software also will be recognized on the AASM website.

For more information about the certification standards, or to request an eligibility checklist, companies can contact the AASM at certification@aasm.org.


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