As part of the new “Access to Information…Access to Care awareness campaign, the American Alliance for Healthy Sleep invites you to complete the Access to Care survey.

The campaign and survey seek to raise awareness of sleep disorders, highlight the importance of being informed about sleep care, and promote sleep health through a proactive and open relationship with your health provider. Resolve to #ownyoursleep by continuing to make sleep a priority!

Participate in the Access to Care survey!

As a thank you for completing the Access to Care survey, you will receive a free 2-year membership to the AAHS! (Current AAHS members will receive an AAHS t-shirt.) This survey will allow the AAHS to understand the needs of patients with sleep disorders and the public in relation to sleep health, which will allow the AAHS to better serve its members in the future, as well as address sleep issues that relate to all people.  Complete the Access to Care survey by October 15, 2018 to take advantage of this opportunity.  After the survey has closed, the AAHS will share a summary of the survey findings on its website at AAHS members will receive a comprehensive report of the survey findings.

Over the next two months, the AAHS will be sharing materials to support our message of healthy sleep and sleep care through:

  • Daily social media postings highlighting sleep tips and sleep care (FacebookTwitter)
  • Free materials such as printed sleep guides, a pediatric sleep care poster and sleep disorder fact sheets (fact sheets available to members only)

Learn more about the “Access to Information…Access to Care” campaign and spread the word by following AAHS on social media and sharing the daily postings highlighting healthy sleep tips and sleep care.  Sleep centers and health care professionals also can request free materials to share with patients.

The American Alliance for Healthy Sleep is a patient-based organization focused on partnering patients with sleep disorders with providers and others interested in sleep to improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders, while highlighting the importance of healthy sleep for all. Established in 2017 by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the AAHS provides a forum for patients to be actively involved in awareness and advocacy for sleep disorders.

Help the AAHS empower others by spreading awareness for sleep disorders and sleep care information provided throughout this campaign.  Please direct any questions concerning Access to Care to  If you should have any questions about membership, contact our membership department at