Thanksgiving for most of my childhood and adolescence meant dinner at my paternal grandparents on Long Island, NY. My cousins from Pennsylvania and Connecticut would be there, Grandma would make creamed onions for my dad, my mom would make lemon meringue pie for one of my uncles, and one cousin would mostly have bread. And most years, barely two hours after finishing dinner, out would come the chips, dips, cheese and crackers, because what would be a better way to keep the Thanksgiving holiday than to stuff yourself with food? Throughout, I would always be grateful for being part of a large, loving family.

This Thanksgiving, I continue to be thankful for so much. A loving and supportive wife. Our move to Chicago, allowing us to spend more time with our son. Good friends. Supportive colleagues at my new position at Rush University (who maybe did not realize quite how much time and travel being AASM President would entail).

I am also thankful for all the amazing connections and friendships I have made during my years volunteering for the AASM. My colleagues on the Board of Directors these last eight years have become true friends. I very much admire the dedication that we have shown as a group in advancing the AASM mission and vision. I am also grateful for our members and the many volunteers for both the AASM and the AASM Foundation:  committee and course chairs, committee and task force members, grant reviewers, and session moderators. The hours of time and the dedication to our field are much appreciated by the Board. And without our amazing and dedicated staff, the AASM, quite frankly, would not be the premier organization that advances our chosen field of sleep medicine.

So, I fervently hope that you all will have an amazing Thanksgiving, whether it be with a small or large group, or with family or friends. And if you’re travelling, may it be safe and hassle free.


James A. Rowley, MD