Effective June 1, 2007, Palmetto GBA will deny services submitted by freestanding sleep disorder centers and sleep related breathing disorder laboratories in South Carolina that have not submitted a copy of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accreditation certification.

According to the policy freestanding facilities include physicians office, Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF) and all other non-hospital based facilities where sleep studies are performed.

To avoid sleep service payment denials, submit a copy of your AASM accreditation certification by June 1, 2007. Facilities that have applied for but have not received certification may fax or mail the application receipt letter from the AASM before June 1, 2007.

Please fax or mail your AASM accreditation certification to the following number/address:

  • FAX : (803) 763-2030
    ATTN: Polysomnography Certification
  • Address :
    Palmetto GBA
    Polysomnography Certification AG-310
    PO BOX 100190
    Columbia, SC 29202-3190

NOTE: Palmetto GBA considers the June 1, 2007, date extension as the provisional requirement listed in the policy. Facilities that currently bill and need the extension to meet this new requirement may NOT use the provisional requirement after the June 1, 2007, extended date.

Learn more about AASM accreditation by visiting www.aasm.org.

Review Palmetto’s policy online at www.palmettoGBA.com.