AASM Inter-scorer Reliability is now easier to use than ever. Earlier this week, the AASM released a series of updates to the subscription-based assessment system to improve the functionality and make scoring record exams easier than ever. Version 4.0 of AASM Inter-scorer Reliability includes these improvements:

Hypnogram functionality

The brand-new AASM Inter-scorer Reliability hypnogram window helps users in tracking their stage. The hypnogram provides a big picture look at the sleep stages across the record.

Interactive record review

Users can follow along with the Record Review video while reviewing their records with the new-and-improved Interactive Record Review. The enhanced interface lets you view your scoring decisions while the Gold Standard discusses disagreements and trouble spots from the record.

Interface improvements

The system is now even easier to use based on user feedback. Users can now review their progress in real-time using the new hypnogram and review progress features. The ability to edit, rearrange and create custom montages has been streamlined for ease-of-use.

Sleep centers can participate in the AASM Inter-scorer Reliability program to satisfy the AASM Standards for Accreditation item F-6: Inter-scorer Reliability. If your facility is not yet subscribed to the program, take advantage of the free 30-day trial to see how the program can help your center.

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