Visit the website of the American Board of Sleep Medicine for comprehensive information about the new ABSM Sleep Technologist Registry Examination, which will be offered for the first time Nov. 11, 2011. Information about how to earn the new Registered Sleep Technologist (RST) certificate includes a Candidate Handbook, an application and complete details about the limited-time awarding of the RST certificate to holders of the RPSGT credential. Applications for the exam must be received in the ABSM national office by midnight Monday, Aug. 1, 2011. Applications received later than Aug. 1, 2011, will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made to this requirement.

Information also is available about the ABSM Sleep Scoring Proficiency Examination, which is intended for applicants to the Sleep Technologist Registry Examination. Candidates applying under Pathway B (A-STEP program) or Pathway C (health professionals) must demonstrate sleep study scoring competency in order to qualify for the Sleep Technologist Registry Examination by participating in the inter-scorer reliability program of an AASM-accredited sleep disorders center or by successfully completing the ABSM Sleep Proficiency Examination. The Scoring Proficiency Examination is provided at no charge for the ABSM Sleep Technologist Examination candidates. Go to for more information.