The American Academy of Sleep Medicine applauds the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates, which passed a resolution during its interim meeting on Nov. 14 supporting the establishment of permanent standard time across the United States. The resolution cites the health benefits of remaining on permanent standard time instead of continuing the current biannual switch to and from daylight saving time.

Consideration and passage of this resolution was achieved through the collaborative efforts of several groups within the AMA, including the Resident and Fellow Section, which drafted the original resolution, the Specialty and Service Society, and the Chest Caucus. The AASM’s delegates, Dr. Alejandro Chediak and Dr. Patrick Strollo, and the AASM’s representative in the Young Physicians Section Assembly, Dr. Jessica Cho, worked behind the scenes to secure support for the resolution. Dr. Strollo also spoke before the House of Delegates, articulating the AASM’s position that standard time aligns best with human circadian biology and provides clear benefits for public health and safety.

“The AMA’s support underscores the importance of establishing permanent standard time for health and well-being, and it strengthens our efforts to advocate for legislation that aligns with the AASM position,” said Dr. Strollo.

This decision comes as the AASM continues to advocate for permanent standard time, which has been a focus of advocacy efforts since the Senate passage in March of the Sunshine Protection Act, which would establish permanent daylight saving time. The bill has not moved forward in the House at this time. The AASM agrees that the biannual time change must stop but believes that permanent standard time is the best option for the health and well-being of Americans. Permanent daylight saving time would have serious unintended consequences, as demonstrated when it was enacted in 1973 and quickly repealed due to its unpopularity and ineffectiveness.

The AASM has met in-person with several congressional offices on Capitol Hill and during virtual visits to educate legislators and their staff on the science and health benefits of permanent standard time while arguing against the establishment of permanent daylight saving time. The AASM also has invited members to take action by contacting their legislators, and AASM spokespersons have conducted numerous interviews with news outlets to help the public understand the impact of the time change on health and safety. With the AMA and medical community’s support, the AASM will continue to advocate for the best choice for public health – permanent standard time.

Photo: AASM delegate Dr. Patrick Strollo speaks before the AMA House of Delegates on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022.