On Jan. 8 the American Medical Association (AMA) released the report, “The National Economic Impact of Physicians,” which highlights the positive effects that physicians have on state and federal economies, job growth, and wage increases. The report is the latest installment in the ongoing series of resources, “Advocating for Patients and Physicians.”

Based on a national survey of medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy, the report tracks both the direct and indirect implications that physician work has on the economy of individual states and the nation.

Notably, the report cites the following evidence to shed light on the contributions that physicians make to the U.S. and state economies:

  • $2.3 trillion in combined direct and indirect economic output (an average of $3,000,000 per physician)
  • 12.6 million jobs (an average of more than 17 jobs per physician)
  • $1 trillion in direct and indirect wages and benefits (an average of $1,417,958 in total wages and benefits per physician)
  • $92.9 billion in state and local tax revenues (an average of $126,129 in state and local tax revenues per physician)

View an interactive map displaying the economic impact of physicians nationally, and in your individual state.

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National Economic Impact of Physicians - AMA report