Almost 90 topical review papers that were entered in the 2009 ? 2010 AASM High School Topical Review in Sleep Science Contest will be posted on the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine website with the Aug. 15 issue of JCSM. The AASM sponsored the contest to encourage an interest in sleep medicine and sleep research among high school juniors and seniors and to recognize excellence in the understanding of scientific research.

At the AASM General Membership Meeting during SLEEP 2010 in San Antonio, Texas, the AASM recognized the recipients of the top two prizes in the contest: Apryl Jimenez from Onissing High School in Onissing, N.Y., for her paper, "Temperature and the regulation of the sleep wake cycle: a look at its relationship and considering its role in the performance of adolescents"; and Elyssa Schlossberg from Milken Community High School in Los Angeles, Calif., for her paper, "Hypocretin: an alternative theory regarding its function in the sleep-wake cycle and its role in narcolepsy." The AASM congratulates these two students and encourages members to read their work on the JCSM website.