The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is now accepting applications for AASM Accreditation Site Visitors to perform accreditation duties as an independent contractor of the AASM.

The Accreditation Site Visitor performs all professional aspects of the sleep center accreditation process, including review of applications, performance of site visits, and submission of reports. The AASM Site Visitor will be expected to travel and conduct a minimum of 12 site visits per year, although 20-25 site visits per year is preferred. Accreditation Site Visitors are paid a set fee plus expenses for each site visit conducted.

An applicant should be a board-certified sleep specialist and, currently or in the past, the Medical Director/Director of an AASM-accredited sleep center. Contact Ms. Demaree Dufour, Director of Policy and Professional Standards in the Accreditation Department, at (708) 273-9325 for more details. Applicants must submit a letter of interest and CV to Ms. Dufour via e-mail: