Now available on the AASM website is the 2016 AASM Standards for Accreditation Attestation, which you can submit to show compliance with the recently updated Standards for Accreditation of sleep facilities and independent sleep practices. By July 1, 2017, all AASM-accredited facilities must verify compliance by either completing a reaccreditation application under the updated 2016 standards or submitting a signed attestation.

Once your facility is in compliance with the new standards, you can access the online attestation form and provide an electronic signature, or you can download the PDF attestation form, which the facility director must sign and return to the AASM. If you choose to submit the online form, be sure to follow all of the instructions provided with the form to complete your signature verification.

Learn more about the updated Standards for Accreditation. For additional assistance, contact the AASM Accreditation Department at or 630-737-9700.