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Technical Staff Information

Sleep Technologists Staff


  • All technical staff must be appropriately trained to assure patient safety.
  • AASM recommends 2:1 patient to technician ratio under usual circumstances.
  • Must be licensed, where required by state law.
  • Must be trained on proper use of HSAT devices to include: operations, application of sensors, use, maintenance, warnings and safety; instruction to patient on use; troubleshooting and infection control.

Registered Sleep Technologist


  • At least one technical staff member must be registered by the BRPT, ABSM, NBRC (RST, RPSGT, RRT) or accepted to sit for the registry examination.
  • The registered technologist must be on site a minimum of 30 hours per week (this requirement can be met with multiple individuals). If the facility is open fewer than 40 hours per week, the registered technologist(s) must be present at the facility for 75% of operating hours.
  • A CPSGT does not meet the registration requirement.


  • A copy of the registry certificate by one of the approved providers (BRPT, ABSM, NBRC).
  • A copy of the state license for polysomnography if state requires such a license.

Non-Registered Sleep Technologists


  • Must be enrolled in or completed the A-STEP on-line self-study modules within 2 years of enrollment; or
  • Must be enrolled in or completed a CAAHEP or CoARC program.
  • RRTs are exempt from the training requirement provide a copy of the NBRC registration certificate is submitted.
  • CRT’s are not exempt from the training requirement.


  • Proof of enrollment in A-STEP.
  • Evidence of enrollment in a current accredited CAAHEP or CoARC program with polysomnography option.
  • Certificate of completion from an accredited CAAHEP or CoARC program in polysomnography option.

Scoring Personnel


  • Must maintain RST, RPSGT, CPST, CRT-SDS, or RRT-SDS or be a medical staff member or PhD board certified in sleep.
  • If non-registered, must be supervised by one of the above credentialed staff.


  • Appropriate credentialed certificate.
  • Policy indicating non-registered scorers will be supervised by appropriate credentialed staff member.

Applicable Accreditation Standards

Must be appropriately trained, supervised and licensed where required by law. Staffing must be adequate to address the workload and assure patient safety.
At least one sleep technologist must be registered or accepted to sit for the registry examination. Registry exam must be passed within 1 year of acceptance. The registered individual(s) fulfilling the registered requirement must be onsite collectively a minimum of 30/week.
Staff not registered are to be enrolled in or have completed the A-STEP Online Self Study Modules. All modules must be completed within 2 years of enrollment. Or; Staff enrolled in or have completed training in polysomnography in an accredited CAAHEP or CoARC program with a polysomnography option.

Scoring personnel must maintain one of the following certification: RST, RPSGT, CPSGT, CRT-SDS, or RRT-SDS, or medical staff member/PhDs board-certified in sleep. Non-registered sleep technicians may score under supervision of one of the above credentials staff members.

Facility must have written agreement with subcontract that enumerates the performance expectations of subcontractor. All scorers are to meet all applicable AASM accreditation standards for scoring personnel. Facility is responsible for assessing performance of subcontract on an annual basis.

Key Things to Keep In Mind

  • Online training for CPR is acceptable provided evidence of hands on during the skills training (step 2).
  • Sub-contracted scorers do not need to be included in the accreditation application.
  • Sub-contracted scorers are not required to maintain CPR certification.
  • Non-registered sleep technicians are to complete all ASTEP online self-study modules within a 2 year timeframe.
  • If facility is opened less than 40 hours/week the registered tech must then be present 75% of operating hours.