Expedited Accreditation

Expedited American Academy of Sleep Medicine accreditation is open to all applicants whether it is provisional, new accreditation or reaccreditation.  Sleep facilities, independent sleep practices, and DME providers are all welcome to apply. With expedited accreditation, achieve accreditation quickly by enjoying the benefits of:

  • Expedited Initial Review
  • Expedited Review of Requests for Additional Information
  • Accreditation Reference Manual (for facility applications)


To participate in Expedited American Academy of Sleep Medicine accreditation, simply select the option for expedited accreditation when opening a new application or within the reaccreditation application and pay the Expedited Accreditation Add-on fee at the time of submission.

Facilities applying for Sleep Facility Accreditation will obtain access to the Accreditation Reference Manual while the application is open and throughout their accreditation term. Upon adding Expedited Accreditation, access to the Accreditation Reference Manual can be achieved by visiting the “My Learning” tab through your user portal. Expedited Applications must be submitted within 6 months of opening the Expedited Application to retain access to the Accreditation Reference Manual.

Sleep Programs participating in Expedited Accreditation adhere to the same Accreditation Process and Policies.

The AASM Accreditation Department will provide more information at each stage of the application process to ensure a seamless, quick accreditation process for your program. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the AASM at 630-737-9700 or accreditation@aasm.org.


Expedited Accreditation Add-on