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Licensing Fact Sheet

Facility License


  • Must maintain a valid license to provide health care services if required by state law.
  • Facility licensing is required to show the sleep facility is complying to local law, regulation and building codes to operate as a health care provider.
  • Recent fire inspection reports are acceptable in the absence of a Certificate of Occupancy or Hospital License.
  • Business licenses, Business Tax licenses, Certificate Tax licenses, and Articles of Incorporation do not meet the licensing requirement.


  • Hospital licenses for hospital based sleep facilities.
    • Hospital licenses are acceptable provided the facility is located within the hospital premises and carries the primary address of the hospital, or
  • Certificate of Occupancy, or
  • Building Permit, or
  • A signed letter of attestation from the Facility Director if the state law does not require a license for services.

Individual Licensure


  • All professional staff must maintain a valid unrestricted license within the states where patients are seen, and services are performed, commensurate to the services they perform.
  • All technical staff, where required by the state law, are required to maintain a valid unrestricted license.


  • Current valid license of all professional staff: MD, DO, PhDs, PA APRNs and RN.
  • Current valid license, if required by state, for sleep technicians only: RPSGTs, RSTs, CPSGTs, and RRTs.

Applicable Accreditation Standards

Facilities are to appoint a Facility Director who is board-certified in sleep medicine. This individual may be a MD, DO or PhD.

Facilities must maintain a valid state license to provide health care services. Valid evidence may be a certificate of occupancy and/or a permit to provide services. If the state does not require a license, certificate or permit -a written signed attestation from the Facility Director is required that indicates no such license is required by the state.

  • All professional staff (MDs, DOs, PhDs, APRNs, PAs, RN) must maintain unrestricted licenses to perform services in states where patients are seen.
  • All technical staff, (RRTs, RST, RPSGTs, non-registered technologists) where required by state law, are required to maintain an unrestricted license.
  • Each staff member is to practice within the scope and limits of their individual license.

Key Things to Keep In Mind

  • If the sleep facility is located within the hospital premises, the hospital license is acceptable.
  • Hospital licenses that include multiple onsite and off-site locations may submit an annex license or other evidence that the off-site locations are included in the hospital license.
  • If staff are in the process of obtaining a technical state license, confirmation of submission may be submitted as evidence.
  • Current licenses are required to be on site; if the license has expired and the new license has not yet been received – submit the website confirmation.