Patient Volume and Statistics Form Fact Sheet

Applicable Accreditation Standards

Facilities must document in the medical record ongoing evaluation, management and follow-up of each patient with sleep disorders. Facilities must be able to show medical records to demonstrate management of an adequate range of sleep disorders. All sleep disorders are defined by the current edition of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders.

Purpose of the Patient Volume and Statistics Form

The Patient Volume and Statistics Form serves as the tool that provides necessary data/statistics to determine if the sleep facility accepts, evaluates, treats and manages all sleep disorders. This form, along with the Patient Acceptance Policy, assists the AASM in ensuring the facility scope of service meets compliance to the Standards for Accreditation.

Terms of the Patient Volume and Statistics Form

  • Unduplicated: A patient counted as one no matter how many encounters (visits) occurred in the required timeframe.
  • Direct Referrals: Patients who are never seen in consultation by a member of the sleep facility professional staff (sleep clinic staff).
  • Professional Staff Members (sleep clinic staff): Staff members with a valid medical license in the state where the center is located as well as where patients are evaluated, diagnosed and/or treated; which include MDs, DOs, licensed psychologists, APRNs, PAs.

Sections of the Patient Volume and Statistics Form

  • Section 1: Include patients seen by the sleep facility professional staff members (as defined above).
    • Patients that are referred for testing only are not reported in this section as they are direct referrals (included in Section 3).
    • Regardless of whether a sleep study was performed, include patients seen by professional staff (sleep clinic staff). A patient that is seen in consultation but does not require a sleep study should be counted.
  • Section 2: Of the total patients seen by professional staff (Section 1), include how many patients returned for follow-up.
    • Patients referred to outside physicians are not included.
  • Section 3: Report only the number of sleep studies that come from Direct referrals.
  • Section 4: Include patients for each type of study performed.
  • Section 5: Report only the primary diagnoses for each patient evaluated at the facility – includes those seen by professional staff, clinic staff, and those tested in the lab.
    • Patients frequently may have more than one diagnosis, only report the primary diagnoses listed. Each patient counted should only have one primary diagnoses, do not include a secondary diagnosis.
    • Report the number of patients that have the primary diagnosis with the corresponding ICSD narrative description.

Key Things to Keep In Mind

  • Data provided should be only for the individual facility submitting the application.
    • If there are multiple related sleep facilities, each sleep facility must report data individually/independently.
      • Contact your Accreditation Coordinator if this is not feasible.
  • Statistics are to be reported for the period of 6 months prior to the completion of the current accreditation application.