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Expedited Accreditation

Why Become Accredited?

AASM accreditation reflects a commitment to ensure that sleep disorders patients receive the highest quality of care and serves as an indicator to patients, referring physicians, other providers and insurers that the facility meets optimum quality of care demanded by AASM Accreditation

The AASM’s expedited accreditation program is open to sleep facilities affected by recent Medicare local coverage determination (LCD) policy changes requiring sleep-specific accreditation. This program will enable the sleep facility to become accredited in a short period of time and will help to minimize the disruption of sleep services and care for patients in the affected Medicare jurisdictions.

Here is an overview of the expedited accreditation process:

Open an Application

  • Open an application for accreditation. Payment is not required until the application is submitted.
    • Choose “Begin New Application” and fill out the general information page regarding your facility.
    • Contact the AASM Accreditation Department at 630-737-9700 or accreditation@aasm.org to request participation in the expedited accreditation program. Provide the accreditation account number that was generated when you opened your application.
    • If you are in a jurisdiction that has been affected by a LCD policy change, the AASM will designate your account as an expedited application.
    • The AASM will send you an access code and instructions for accessing the AASM 2016 Accreditation Reference Manual. It includes customizable sample policies that will allow your facility to quickly review and revise policies to ensure compliance with AASM Standards for Accreditation and AASM Clinical Practice Guidelines, which will greatly reduce the time required to prepare an application. The cost of the manual is included in the expedited accreditation application fee.

Application Submission & Review

  • Complete and submit the application along with the $4,650 application fee.
  • The AASM will review your application within days of its submission.
  • After the review of your application, you will receive an email from the AASM to the facility’s primary contact regarding the outcome of the review:
    • If there are any issues related to mandatory accreditation standards (or more than 10 non-mandatory standards) within the application, we will ask that you address these issues immediately. You will have 14 days to respond; however, the faster you address these issues, the faster the application process can be completed. All mandatory issues must be resolved, and the facility may have no more than 10 outstanding issues related to non-mandatory standards to move on in the process.
    • If there are no outstanding issues related to mandatory standards and if 10 or fewer non-mandatory standards are unmet, the facility’s application will be reviewed by the AASM Board of Directors for a decision.

Accreditation Approval & Site Visit

  • The AASM will notify the facility’s primary contact of the accreditation decision.
  • Accreditation is granted for 5 years.
  • After the Board decision, the AASM will contact newly accredited facilities to schedule a site visit.
  • Facilities accredited through the expedited accreditation program must have a successful accreditation site visit within the first year of the accreditation period. (All outstanding issues related to non-mandatory standards must be addressed at the site visit.)

The AASM Accreditation Department will provide more information at each stage of the application process to ensure a seamless, quick accreditation process for your facility. If you have any questions regarding this process, or if you would like assistance setting up your accreditation account, please contact the AASM at 630-737-9700 or accreditation@aasm.org.