Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Travel Grant

An advertisement for the DEI Travel Grant

Applications for the AASM’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Travel and Registration Grant for the SLEEP Meeting are open from October 16, 2023, through December 24, 2023.

The primary purpose of the grant is to provide AASM members whose demographic characteristics are underrepresented within the AASM’s volunteer and leadership population an opportunity to become more engaged so that one day they are no longer underrepresented.

The grant will cover Free SLEEP registration and a $1,500 stipend for up to 5 recipients (when SLEEP is held as an in-person meeting)

Eligible underrepresented groups are defined by the AASM using demographic data from the DEI report as follows:

  • Members who are Hispanic/LatinBlack/African AmericanNative American/AlaskanHawaiian/Pacific Islander, and those within Other/Mixed demographic category whose overall members are small and in total are only 11% of the AASM leadership population.
  • Member of Small Group Practice and Solo Practice (Owner) who in total represent 25% of members who reported their practice setting and are only 7% of volunteers and 10% of leaders. Includes Clinical providers or Technicians with small group or solo practice.
  • Individuals who self-identify as a member of an underrepresented group but are not included above are eligible to apply. This could apply to categories where the AASM does not have enough data to measure representation such as sexual orientation and gender identity, or certain medical specialties such as Pediatrics and Anesthesiology.


  • Active AASM Member through December 31, 2024
  • A member category listed as a Full member who is less than five years out of training; or a Team member who has been in the field for less than five years and,
  • Who is also part of an underrepresented group as defined above and,
  • Must not have previously received this grant with a one-time exception for those who were awarded it in 2021 for Virtual SLEEP

*Economic hardship is not a requirement to receive the grant. Preference will be given to first-time applicants who meet the above qualifications.

Application Requirements

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae (CV), bio-sketch or resume