Sleep Medicine Disruptors Event Resources

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Livestream Access

To access the Sleep Medicine Disruptors Livestream, click below or login to your AASM account – this is the same account you used to register for the conference. After logging into your account, on the left-hand navigation is a link labelled “Sleep Medicine Disruptors Livestream.” Click that link to access the livestream. Inside of the livestream environment you will be able to submit questions and answer any polls that may be asked.

Register For Sleep Medicine Disruptors

Registration for Sleep Medicine Disruptors is still available.

Until 12:00 PM CT, attendees can register for livestream access. Click the button below to be directed to the registration page. After payment, you can login to your AASM account for access to the livestream.

In-person attendees can register on-site at MATTER Health Care Incubator located inside of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

Troubleshooting Tips

There are two issues we are aware of affecting the Safari web browser on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Individuals using Safari will see a “Reconnecting” message on the Questions/Polls plugin. Also, if you are using Safari on Mac, you will not be able to view the livestream in fullscreen view. Please see our troubleshooting guide to resolve these issue.

Please check back for any other global fixes or tips that we have.

If you are experiencing an issue please message it in the questions function of your livestream so we can address it.

Claiming Credits

To claim continuing education credits for attending Sleep Medicine Disruptors, learners must login to their AASM account and click “My Learning” on the left-hand side. From the products in your account, select “Sleep Medicine Disruptors 2019.” Read and acknowlede any disclosures. Click the “course” tab and select “Claim Course Credit (Sleep Medicine Disruptors 2019).” Follow the prompts on the screen, and a credit letter will be emailed to you directly upon successful completion.

Livestream Minimum Specifications

All browsers will work for our livestream and we will deliver in: 1080, 720, 480 and 240 + DVR mode.

Contact Us

To speak with someone directly about Sleep Medicine Disruptors please call 630.737.9700.