Summary Somomat claims to provide sleep time and AHI in pediatric and adult patients using only sound and movement. Four sensors embedded in a mattress provide movement data. Two room microphones provide sound data. There are no PPG, pulse oximetry, effort, airflow, accelerometer, or [...]

2023-03-15T14:00:26-05:00March 15th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|


Summary SOMNOtouch RESP (STR) is a Type 2 HSAT that has offers home PSG-type data reports. The STR has the capability for in-lab sleep testing, including optional EEG/EOG/EMG and PLM monitoring. The basic STR uses a thoracic belt, in addition to respiratoy flow, heart [...]

2023-03-06T15:52:58-06:00March 6th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|


Summary Placed near the bed with it sensors aimed at the patient's thorax, Orbsense is meant to evaluate REI and sleep time by collecting and analyzing the subject’s respiratory function using (transmitted and received) radar waves. According the the cited JCSM article, “the total [...]

2023-03-06T15:06:39-06:00March 6th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|

Firefly app

Summary The Firefly app does not appear to be currently available but is included as it has published novel sleep technology findings including PSG comparison. The technology appears to be through collaboration with ResMed and Advanced Sleep Research GmbH. The user’s (iOS or Android) [...]

2023-03-30T09:24:20-05:00March 6th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|

Somnomedics Type II HSAT

Summary As described in Claimed capabilities, Somnomedics offers several Type 2 HSAT products: Somnotouch PSG, Somnoscreen Plus, Somonscreen Echo, Somnoscreen HD. A comparison of these devices (manufacturer provided) can be found at: It appears that raw data review and “overscoring” are available. While [...]

2023-03-06T12:27:31-06:00March 6th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|

Onera Sleep Test System (STS)

Summary The Onera Sleep Test System (STS) seeks to measure physiological PSG type signals during a home (level 2 HSAT) or medical facility (PSG) sleep study using 4 self-applied patches. The measured variables include EEG, EOG, and leg EMG, which has the potential to [...]

2023-03-06T12:18:08-06:00March 6th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|


Summary BresoDX1 is an FDA-cleared type II device for the diagnosis of moderate to severe OSA. BresoDX1 comprises (1) the “patch”, a disposable microphone sensor, for detection of the tracheal sound at the supra-sternal notch; (2) a data hub; and (3) a pulse oximeter. [...]

2023-03-06T11:15:39-06:00March 6th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|

ANNE Sleep

Summary ANNE Sleep is an FDA-cleared class II peripheral arterial tonometry (PAT)-based wearable system intended for the evaluation of SDB of adult patients suspected of sleep apnea. ANNE Sleep consists of two paired flexible wireless patch sensors, with one placed at the suprasternal notch [...]

2023-03-06T09:55:51-06:00March 6th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|

Somfit/Somfit Pro

Summary Somfit is an EEG and peripheral arterial tonometry (PAT)-based wearable device that can be attached to the forehead for the collection of physiological data in sleep. The device has two frontal EEG channels, a reflectance oximeter with PPG, a position sensor (head position), [...]

2023-03-05T21:33:27-06:00March 5th, 2023|Sleep Technology Assessment|
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